Greeting from CEO

“OMID CAUCASUS” (Partner Company) and “The Japan House” were opened in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia in 2019.

I am grateful for the support that the whole world rendered to Hiroshima after the atomic bombing. In 1994, I started a medical support volunteer group “МОСТ” which means “Bridge” in Russian. The name came from a wish to become a bridge for peace from Hiroshima carrying out medical support. Since we experienced a tragedy of the radiation exposure in Hiroshima, we provided medical assistance to children with leukemia in the countries around Chernobyl with the same suffering.

However this support which I considered a good thing unfortunately did not go well. When I visited the children's hospital, there were no needles for the blood sampling. It is necessary for the medical staff to cut the skin with a scalpel and drew blood on site. There was a lack of finance although needles’ support was needed. This situation continued for long. Therefore we delivered clean foods such as wakame-seaweed instead of medical support. Around the 10th year of the activities, I started thinking to finish it.

I was suffering from setbacks, but I happened to learn about a love of Dr. Marcel Junod, the International Committee of the Red Cross who delivered 15 tons of medicines to Hiroshima immediately after the A-bombing. That encouraged me and I could stand up again. Therefore my setback for 10 years becomes my asset now.

Meanwhile for more than 15 years, I have been supporting approx. 50,000 chemical weapon survivors at the Iran-Iraq war. Also I have been thinking how to introduce “the Shower Toilet” with warm water. They are very useful for regional public health as well as for healthy life-span. The idea did not go well although I kept thinking about that.

In 2010, Anime “Junod” which depicts Dr. Marcel Junod as a benefactor of Hiroshima was produced. In 2018, the Anime was screened at the film festival in Armenia. I was invited to Yerevan. Suddenly the idea of introducing “Shower Toilets” in this area was returned to me more and more in the hotel bathroom. Luckily I was introduced to Georgia and visited Tbilisi. I explained the idea of “Shower Toilet” to spread out to the area. Then I could receive a deep understanding and acceptance by the people. Therefore “Omid Caucasus LLC” was founded in Tbilisi. At the same time, I learned that there are many children with Down syndrome and with leukemia in Georgia. I remembered my medical support and setback since 1994 along with a surprise. I thought that I got “another chance of the support by the steps of setbacks.

“The Japanese house” of “OMID CAUCASUS” sells not only Shower Toilet, but also various Japanese items. I would sincerely like local people to use many items from “The Japanese House”. Also I have a desire to support children with leukemia as many as possible.

Shizuko Tsuya
Representative Director, OMID